Company Massage gives new energy in the company!

Happy and healthy employees have more to give!company massage

Relaxed, free of aches and pains allows your employees to work to their highest standards, without that tension headache draining them each and every day.  Back, neck and shoulder problems are some of the most common reasons employees need time off.  We can help change that with a simple massage.

Are yourself having a stressful day at work?  Could you do with a massage?  We can help you to de-stress and rejuvenate so you can be more alert and focus better on the job in hand.

Why use company massage?

Work in general is stressful, sitting at a desk and working on the computer are some other most common reasons for headaches, sore and tense muscles in the shoulders and neck, stiff necks and fatigue. Massage can help with all of these, whether it is a half hour sports massage to ease tension or an hour wellness massage to de-stress and allow the body to fully relax, we can meet your needs.

We understand that time is a factor and we are here to make it as convenient as possible.  The benefits of allowing us to come to your business, massage and treat yourself and your employees are endless.  Treating and taking care of your employees will help increase work productivity, employee/r satisfaction, lower levels of stress around the office, higher levels of energy and alertness.

There are many ways to organize company massage, and ways that does not necessarily cost the company anything.

Many people choose to offer their staff the opportunity of a massage during working hours at their own cost, other companies cover the full amount and consider it a gift or investment.

Contact us now and we can work out a flexible and appealing agreement for our team to come and work with your team.  A company massage is the answer you have been looking for.  Massage your way to a more enjoyable day at work with our skilled and experienced massage therapists.

Company Massage is a good investment.

Do you think Company Massage could be something for your business, and your employees? Are you an employee that would like to introduce this idea to your place of work?

Contact Rasmus on 26530956.  There are many different deals and discounts available so call for a chat.

We think of all the practical .

  • bench or massage chair
  • sheets, oils , rags mm .
  • Online booking if you ever need it
  • A good network if the need for other services, as a workplace screening , or other relevant.
  • Happy sympathetic and skilled therapists.

    Get Business massage tailored to your needs .
    We are always delivering as flexible company massage as possible. We find that there are many companies where it can be difficult to get a massage day to fit into a busy schedule, so we can always make agreement from time to time.


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