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Massage is probably the oldest form of treatment. Not only does it help massage treatment on physical problems , but it also helps you better body awareness , mental relaxation and supports you in doing what is best for your health.

For some massage the push in the right direction that helps them to perform better in so many facets of life , whether it is sport , buisness , in daily life or simply just pure mood wise. Everyone knows the feeling of tense sore muscles , pain, sleep problems , stress and specific flaws , understands where the drains it is to walk around with . Therefore, it is important to do something about it quickly so you can get started feeling good as soon as possible .

There are many types of massage .

At Good – Body is one of our specialties effetiv physiotherapy sports massage. This type of massage works a lot with dydegående techniques , pressure, stretching and we’ll give you such good advice along the way as we can.

Wellness Massage is the massage form we use when the focus is more on relaxing and having a good experience. it is a gentler massage and not the one we recommend , if you have specific physical issues you want help with .

But mostly you will find that we combine the two types so you get exactly the massage you and your body needs . There is no people are alike , so if you need the best treatment , it also requires that we are top professionals so you get the best help !

Are you in tvvl whether we can help with a specific problem , just ask price. We are always ready to help with instructions as best we can , and we feel it is outside our area of ​​expertise or skills , we are not afraid to say it. On the other hand , it is important for us that you feel you get a competent treatment , so feedback is really useful when we evaluate , and you should ideally be able to feel we make a difference for you.

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