Pregnancy Massage is a wonderful way to be kind to your body during pregnancy.

Many pregnant women take advantage of the massage when your stomach grows. It is often lower back pain, problems with sciatica, sore legs and feet and tension in the back and upper body that provides challenges, but many also choose an hour on the couch simply to do something extra good for themselves.
There is no doubt that the body can easily be challenged when it is under pressure, so a nice massage where you can lie in your own world and relax and feel your body being cared for, can do wonders.

When you are pregnant you are also a little more vulnerable, and it is therefore important to us that you feel you are in a safe environment. Our massage therapists are skilled and professional, and typically it will be a female masseuse to massage you. but it is entirely up to you who you choose.

How is pregnancymassage?

Our massage table is designed with a hole to the stomach and a supportive base of elastic material, so you get the support you need. This means you can lie comfortably on your stomach and relax during the massage.
We strive to help you with the problematiker you might have, but typically loses a little extra time for you to lie on your back at the end and get some relaxing care with facial and scalp massage or what you would most like you.

We have heard from many that pregnancy massage provides an easier birth because the body is more relaxed.

The clinic is located at street level, so it’s easy to get to.


When can you get a massage?

In principle you can get pregnancy massage broadly when it should be. There must be strong contraindications before it not recommended massage as pregnant. It may be pelvic floor solution, fever or other illness, and you are in doubt you should refrain from getting pregnancy massage, contact your doctor first. Read possibly a little more about the pros and konraindikationer here!

It may be added that we receive pregnant clients at all stages of pregnancy, and some enjoy a massage to as close to birth as possible as massage can be a great help to the body easier to relax when it is time.

We customize course massage for you and your needs so that you achieve the best effect and have a good experience.

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